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Trump Mug Shot "Wanted for President Poster" - PACK OF 3

Trump Mug Shot "Wanted for President Poster" - PACK OF 3

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Make a striking statement with our Trump Mug Shot 'Wanted for President' Poster. Designed to spark conversation and provoke thought, this poster combines humor with political advocacy in a unique and eye-catching format.

Size 11'' X 17''

Key Features:

  • Provocative Design: This poster features a stylized 'mug shot' of Donald Trump, playfully listed as "Wanted for President" with mock details that mimic a real wanted poster, making it both an amusing and bold statement piece.
  • Quality Print: Printed on premium-quality paper with vibrant inks that ensure long-lasting color and detail, suitable for framing or hanging as is.
  • Ideal Size: Measures a standard size that is perfect for display in a variety of settings, from your home or office to public spaces or political events.
  • Conversation Starter: Guaranteed to catch the eye and start discussions, this poster is perfect for those who like to blend decor with political commentary.
  • Versatile Use: Whether used as part of a collection, a standalone piece, or as event decor, it’s designed to stand out and express a point of view.

Display your sense of humor and political stance with the Trump Mug Shot 'Wanted for President' Poster. It’s not just a piece of art; it’s a statement waiting to be made.

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